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here to freeload. bob dane worries about that. he is from the federation for america immigration reform. he will debate economist he says it should be easier to come here illegally. of course you say that you sneaked in here from france and just became a citizen. congratulations. >> yup. >> this is america. we should let more of your foreigners in. >> because immigrants whether they are high scakill or low skl they are a gift an economic gift to this country. >> not just a gift. some freeload. >> i mean there is some small cost that when you take under consideration the tremendous work they do when you look at the data they even increase wages for americans. >> bob will want to debate you on that. before we get to that i want to go over this. you had to fill out this form to become a citizen which the whole process took you 10 years plus. the prospects seem ridiculous. a communist party the terrorist organization. >> that's a question coming from france, right? >> the french government communist. did you work for the nazi government between 1933 and 1940. if you did these things why wou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1